Solve for Your Clients’ Healthcare & Retirement Needs

The best way to offer your clients more financial flexibility while growing your assets under management is to introduce the revolutionary YourWay plans by OneBridge Benefits. YourWay Frontier, Compass, and Horizon plans are unique in their ability to provide employers with more control over costs and employees with greater customization for coverage today and investment savings tomorrow. YourWay plans present a new way to grow with your existing clients. Welcome to YourWay.

How YourWay Works

YourWay Frontier

Employers simply contribute tax-free funds into a reimbursement account. Employees use these funds to shop and pay for their own health insurance through the marketplace—free from the limited choice associated with traditional group plans. OneBridge Benefits has designed YourWay Frontier as a completely turnkey solution with seamless onboarding, enrollment, administration, and ongoing support. 

YourWay Compass 

Tax-free employer contributions supplement an existing traditional group health plan offering for increased financial flexibility, cost savings, and tax-free benefits. Employees use the funds to cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as copays, cost-sharing, deductibles, and uncovered expenses. Unused balances can carry over and are portable (i.e., remain available after separation from employment).

YourWay Horizon 

A wide variety of sources can be used to fund a post-employment health benefit to supplement an employer’s health and retirement plan offering. The Horizon account can be used to reimburse expenses incurred after the employee separates from the contributing employer. To reduce absenteeism and incentivize longevity, employers can fund the Horizon plan with cashouts of earned sick leave paired with vesting and age requirements for claims eligibility.

Invest in the Way of Healthcare Savings

The YourWay plans from OneBridge shift active employee healthcare coverage from a defined benefit to a defined contribution model. Through YourWay Frontier, employers provide a fixed monthly HRA contribution to their employees and no longer bear the risk associated with higher rising healthcare premiums. YourWay Compass can be added to an employer’s group plan offering and be used by employees to pay for out-of-pocket health-related expenses. YourWay Horizon is the latest innovation in post-separation health plan benefits with pre-tax funds saved, invested, and grown for use after employment.

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A New Way to Save For Retirement

An average retired, 65-year-old couple in 2020 will need to save approximately $295,000—after taxes—to cover healthcare expenses during retirement. With YourWay Frontier, Compass, and Horizon, employees have a way to smartly save tax-free contributions to cover these costs. Excess funds in their Frontier account can be accumulated year over year and used to pay for future healthcare expenses. Tax-free contributions in their YourWay Compass or Horizon account can accumulate and, in some cases, be invested to supplement other retirement savings.

Partnering with OneBridge Connects You to Assets

Provide your clients with a turnkey solution that includes everything from compliance and onboarding to reimbursements and ongoing administration. YourWay plans can even be white-labeled and branded to dovetail with your other retirement savings offerings. All that, plus:

Open Investment Architecture
Robust Online Portal & Mobile App for Users
Integration with Retirement Benefit Solutions
Comprehensive Reporting
Online Broker Portal

Grow with OneBridge

Begin offering your clients more flexible ways to save. Grow your portfolio with YourWay plans through OneBridge Benefits.

Frontier is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional group health plans that allows employees to choose and pay for their own individual health plans using pre-tax funds contributed by their employers.

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Compass is a Funded HRA that can be offered in tandem with your group health plan to help pay for out-of-pocket, health-related costs incurred by your employees and their family members during and after employment.

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Horizon prepares your employees for retirement by setting aside employer contributions in an HRA account which can grow tax-free in a portfolio of investments and becomes accessible after employment to cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and premiums.

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