A New Way to Choose & Tailor Healthcare Benefits

The process for employers to take advantage of the latest regulatory developments and the future of healthcare plan coverage is made easy with the turnkey solution offered by OneBridge Benefits. Now, small and large business-owners, governmental entities, and nonprofit organizations can offer the revolutionary alternative to traditional group health coverage—YourWay Frontier. With the YourWay product suite, you can start leveraging tax-free dollars, empower employees to manage and save for their healthcare expenses, and attract and retain top talent. The future of health and retirement benefits is here. Explore it YourWay with OneBridge Benefits.

Where Benefits Are Heading

Regulations issued under the Affordable Care Act previously limited an employer’s ability to offer Health Reimbursement Arrangements to employees. But a recent Executive Order led to regulatory guidance that created the Individual Coverage HRA, which expands the ability of employers to use HRAs in lieu of the traditional defined benefit model.

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Over the next 5-8 years, the Department of Human and Health Services estimates:

Approx. 800,000 employers will be offering Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) to their employers; and
Approx. 11 million employees will be purchasing their own individual health insurance.

With the robust, full-service platform and design flexibility of the OneBridge Frontier plan, the potential for growth in the ICHRA and individual coverage market is much greater.

Explore the Future of Health Coverage

Employees who choose to enroll in the YourWay Frontier can immediately start saving for one of the most significant expenses they’ll experience during retirement—healthcare. Not only do you empower your employees with the right to choose their own plan coverage, but any unused funds they accrue stay with them even after their employment and can be invested to grow tax-free!

YourWay Frontier FundingMonthlyAnnually
Employer Contribution$700$8,400
Monthly Premium Expense$400$4,800
Employee Savings$300$3,600

Empower Your Business

Want to learn more about how YourWay plans can help save your business time and money, while helping you attract and retain top talent? OneBridge Benefits is the answer. Explore your options today with a dedicated sales representative and begin the process YourWay.

Frontier is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional group health plans that allows employees to choose and pay for their own individual health plans using pre-tax funds contributed by their employers.

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Compass is a Funded HRA that can be offered in tandem with your group health plan to help pay for out-of-pocket, health-related costs incurred by your employees and their family members during and after employment.

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Horizon prepares your employees for retirement by setting aside employer contributions in an HRA account which can grow tax-free in a portfolio of investments and becomes accessible after employment to cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and premiums.

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