YourWay to Retirement

YourWay Horizon creates a unique way for employees to save for retirement, allowing them to expect more from their retirement benefits.

Healthcare is the most costly expense in retirement. YourWay Horizon by OneBridge Benefits allows employers to contribute pre-tax funds that participants can only access once they’ve separated from the company.

Expanding the
Retirement Horizon

As a post-separation benefit, YourWay Horizon changes the way you use Funded HRAs to save for one of the primary expenses experienced during retirement—healthcare. A YourWay Horizon plan is similar to the Frontier and Compass plans except that pre-tax contributions are available to reimburse medical expenses incurred only after the participant has either separated from the contributing employer or reached retirement age.

Employer Contributions Are

the Way of the Future

With the costs of retiree healthcare expenses rising year over year, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees to feel secure about their long-term physical and financial health. The YourWay Horizon plan supplements an employer’s retirement plan offering by providing tax-free funds for employees to use specifically for post-separation expenses. Horizon equips employers with another tool to attract top talent and remain competitive. Adding vesting requirements (e.g., years of service and minimum age restrictions) to claims eligibility helps retain that talent.

Broaden Your Benefits Horizon

Contributing pre-tax funds into a Funded HRA that participants can only access upon separation broadens the attractiveness and flexibility of traditional retirement plan benefits. OneBridge Benefits is leading the way with YourWay. Discover how Horizon can help you.

YourWay Frontier

The alternative to traditional group healthcare with greater flexibility, customization, pre-tax benefits and a world of future savings.

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YourWay Compass

Your guide to pre-tax savings on today’s healthcare and savings for tomorrow with your existing group health plan.

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