YourWay to Greater Benefits

The YourWay line of health plans from OneBridge Benefits includes Frontier, Compass, and Horizon, offering employers and employees the opportunity to choose the best health coverage plans and health benefit accounts that fit their needs. Employers can combat the rising costs of healthcare while employees gain the flexibility of choice over their current health coverage plans with the added benefit of tax-free savings for retirement. OneBridge can help you determine the best fit as we explore new ways for employees to prepare and save for the healthcare of the future.

The new, revolutionary alternative to traditional group healthcare that replaces rigidity and inefficiencies with flexibility, customization, pre-tax benefits and a world of future savings to explore.

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A Funded HRA plan that guides group health plan participants with tax-free savings to cover health-related expenses for themselves and their dependents.

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Reach for the ultimate in post-employment benefits through a Funded HRA account that helps reduce healthcare costs and save pre-tax funds for the costliest expense of retirement—healthcare.

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